Singapore, Malaysia , Bangkok, Bali

Oriental escape...

The Lion City...

Singapore: 5 nights $1500


Singapore...The Lion City


While no lions have ever inhabited Singapore, this city State’s name actually means

“Lion City” in Malay. (Singa-City, Pura-Lion). Rightfully so, Singapore’s roar can be

heard from all corners of the earth. The picture perfect skyline of skycrappers and

futuristic mind boggling architectural designs, oriental China town and Little India,

influences from Europe like the French-architecture inspired Raffles hotel, hallowed

Buddhist temples, magnificent cathedrals, numerous museums, stunning recreational

parks, themed gardens and meditation areas like Punggol Waterfront/Coney Island and

Bukit Timah are all a heritage of this City. Singapore’s 1859 botanical Gardens that are

a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Welcome to the home of the world’s first night zoo and

the first and tallest man-made waterfall dropping from a height of 30 meters. Enjoy, life

is for living!



Malaysia...The Wild East


Towering above the rest of Kuala Lumpur and piercing the skies, Petronas twin towers

are malaysia’s most prominent landmark. But Malaysia is another marvel of heritage

and culture, breathtaking landscapes, flaura and fauna. From sun-kissed beaches to

virgin rainforest-clad mountain ridges, from national parks and zoos to marine parks,

from night street markets to high end shopping malls with your favourite international

brands, from museums , temples and mosques, to golfing and formula one racing.

Malaysia hosts four UNESCO Heritage sites which are the Archaeological Heritage of

the Lenggong Valley , Gunung Mulu National Park , Kinabalu Park ,Melaka and George

Town and the Historic Cities of the Straits of Malacca. So much to do, so little time!


Bangkok, Thailand...The Land of Smiles


Your guess as good mine as to why the Thais smile so much: Perhaps the tropical and humid weather they enjoy all year can't afford them any gloom; perhaps the many waters flowing down the mighty rivers across the country drown their sorrows away; or may be the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables all year through keeps them rejuvenated; Or it  could be their buddhist belief in simplicity that helps cast their cares away....Thailand welcomes you with silky smooth hospitality and the most beautiful smiles from everyone.

Competing with world renowned tourist destinations, surprisingly or may be not, Bangkok ranks 4th in world tourism visitor numbers after London, Paris and Newyork. The grandeur of its Royal palaces and numerous temples as well as museums constitute its major historical and cultural tourist attractions. Shopping –from flea and street markets and bazaars to high end shopping malls- and dining experiences which range from 5 star cuisines to mouth-watering road side local delicacies. T Bangkok serves as a gateway to Thailand’s other tourist resorts of Kho Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai. The city is also famous for its vibrant nightlife. Welcome to unending nights...


Bali, Indonesia...The Island of the gods  4 nights from $2180


The devout spirituality of the Balinese, compete with ritualistic incense laden offerings and ceremonies might make you think it is the reason Bali is famed as the Island of the gods. But it is not. The gods already chose Bali as their own by manifesting divinity in its spectacular landscapes of  hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches and barren volcanic hillsides before placing in it humans  to adorn it with breathtaking  lush rice terraces and create an intriguing uniform dedication of worship to the very gods.

Bali offers something for everyone: from nature adherents, to water sports enthusiasts, to beach lovers who simply want a stroll, a swim or a tan under the sun, to cultural and historical aficionados and on to spiritual devotees and health freaks who are spoilt for choice by the numerous health and spirituality retreats.