Salisbury Tours & Travel is a Travel and Tours enterprise located at the heart of Kenya’s Diplomatic District. With free ample parking and peaceful serene gardens, this is the best place to begin your trip. We are at China Garden, opposite the United Nations Headquarters and the United States Embassy and at close proximity to some of East Africa’s biggest shopping malls, the splendid Two Rivers Mall and the enchanting Village Market. We have a team of well trained and qualified professionals with extensive product knowledge. We handle safaris to all tourist destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, Gorilla Treks in Rwanda as well as organised tours to selected tourist destinations around the world.



To be the Diplomatic District’s preferred travel service providers for being the most responsive 24/7 travel agent for both business and leisure travel.



-To ensure that our clients never have to look at their watches before making that call or sending that email.

-To build a team of hardworking individuals passionate about travel and their ability to turn clients' travel dreams 

into realities, to inspire and support their personal development.


 We are a CHIP! A cut off the finest block of travel service providers.

                                   C-Customer Focus






  • We are a relationship agency:  we strive to build personal human relationships that supersede our business relationships. You will quickly be converted from being a valued client to a treasured friend! When you have a good experience, we celebrate with you. If something goes wrong, we hurt with you and bear the pain with you.

  • We will strive to give you the best offers in the market by maintaining a good working relationship with our service providers.

  • No Consultancy or Management fees:  You do not pay until you actually confirm your booking or utilize a service.

  • If prices for your tour package or airfares drop after you book but before payment, we will adjust your cost accordingly.

  • We take your travel needs personally: We are small enough to take your issues personally and big enough to handle all your travel needs. We go the extra mile for your sake.

  • No bureaucracy: If you have any problem with your travel arrangements, we work with a serious sense of urgency and we do not have a chain of command. All you need is to reach us with your issue and we will deal with it conclusively within the shortest time possible.

  • Regular communication: We will communicate relevant information relating to the industry to you periodically as and when it reaches us to keep you aware of deals in the market, security concerns, visa information updates etc

  • Round the clock service: You do not need to have an emergency to call us any time of day or night as we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Someone is always on standby round the clock to answer calls and be of assistance because you are a VIP!